Underworld U1R1 Patch Notes

Underworld U1R1 Patch Notes:

  • Moved Underworld to Unity 2017.4.36 to support multiplayer packages.
  •  [Alpha] Implemented Parsec. You can now play Underworld online with up to 4 friends. Instructions can be found here.
    •  This feature will eventually be removed from Underworld Basic after the testing period.
    • The window for basic users to access Underworld online starts on 03/19/2020 and ends on 08/31/2020.
    • All Underworld Online games are played in "Deluxe Mode" meaning that premium features are available online during this time. This is the case even for Underworld Basic users.
    • You can still play Underworld Online past these dates by purchasing Underworld Deluxe for $1.00 or more.
  • 2 new exclusive levels and 1 local level have been ported to underworld online (Level selection is currently random).
  • Dualweildz vendor QA'd and implemented. [Specific to Underworld Deluxe + Underworld Online].
  • Lerp values have been updated for the multitarget camera so that it is doesnt cut players off from each other (Local Multiplayer Only) [Specific to Underworld Deluxe].
  • Gravlifts have been added to the game. These effect player physics and have been retro actively added to most levels.
  • 2 new weapons have been added to the game. Some are specific to Underworld Deluxe but all are accessible in Underworld Online.
  • Fixed player sizing issues on highrise.
  • Fixed player-on-top-of-player smoothing issues. Players can now land/stand on top of one another.
  • Character outlines have been added so that players can better see each other.


U1R1-Underworld-Deluxe-Win.zip 277 MB
Mar 17, 2020
U1R1-Underworld-Deluxe-Mac.zip 277 MB
Mar 17, 2020
U1R1-Underworld-Deluxe-Lin.zip 276 MB
Mar 17, 2020
U1R1-Underworld-Basic-Win.zip 277 MB
Mar 17, 2020
U1R1-Underworld-Basic-Mac.zip 276 MB
Mar 17, 2020
U1R1-Underworld-Basic-Lin.zip 276 MB
Mar 17, 2020

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