Underworld U1R1 is now available!

Hey team,

Quick post to let everyone know that Underworld U1R1 is available now!

Full patch notes are available here.

In addition, we will be at SXSW this weekend holding an Underworld tournament - we will be streaming this and dropping a link to it on the project page this Thursday/Friday.

Enjoy underworld online - and join our discord to find other folks to play with.


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U1R1-Underworld-Deluxe-Win.zip 277 MB
Mar 17, 2020
U1R1-Underworld-Deluxe-Mac.zip 277 MB
Mar 17, 2020
U1R1-Underworld-Deluxe-Lin.zip 276 MB
Mar 17, 2020
U1R1-Underworld-Basic-Win.zip 277 MB
Mar 17, 2020
U1R1-Underworld-Basic-Lin.zip 276 MB
Mar 17, 2020
U1R1-Underworld-Basic-Mac.zip 276 MB
Mar 17, 2020

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