Bizzarioware is available now for free!

Its officially May 3rd 2019! Bizzarioware is now available to download!

Howdy there! Welcome to The Strangest Interactive's first project: Bizzarioware.

Bizzarioware is our first widely available prototype, and you can download it right now for free! There is a ton of information available on our project page but here is a quick blurb about what exactly Bizzarioware is:

Bizzarioware is an ongoing collection of psychedelic, strange and lɐǝɹɹns microgames played in 15 second increments. It is your all access pass to wasting time immersed in a fast-paced hypercosmic void of micro design.  That distant yet familiar feeling of throwing back an off-brand energy drink as you race down the freeway two hours before the sun comes up and underglows bypass your pupils, piercing straight through your retinas. 

Now if that doesnt tell you what Bizzarioware is - then we dont know what will ;)!

Head on over to our project page to download and feel free to provide us with feedback!

Thanks and have a great day! :)

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