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Bizzarioware is an ongoing collection of psychedelic, strange and lɐǝɹɹns microgames played in 15 second increments.


Bizzarioware is your all access pass to wasting time immersed in a fast-paced hypercosmic void of micro design.  That distant yet familiar feeling of throwing back an off-brand energy drink as you race down the freeway two hours before the sun comes up and underglows bypass your pupils, piercing straight through your retinas. 

"Bizarrioware gives you the same feeling that a complete beginner to videogames feels when playing Wario Ware." - Rock Paper Shotgun

"Bizzarioware really wants to challenge the few religious values we have in this country, starting with the sacred bond between a man, a stick, and some speckled balls." - Destructoid

The following games are available to play immediately: Beer On The Rug: Stop meter golf game on acid. 1 Bit Bombsquad: Follow Tomcat's instructions to dismantle the bomb as quick as possible. Summon: Coordinate glyph evocation to summon an ancient demon.  Stranger To Myself: Help these poor trapped souls morph into their true forms. Real Shrimp Chef Sim 2K: Cook the shit out of some shrimps. Saute additional vegetables for extra points. Psychedelic Insomnia: Help these poor boys fall asleep by rubbing them vigorously! Night Flight: Press the key combinations for a smooth flight through tropical climates. Fat Rip: Inhale as deeply as you can. Doombringer: Put together a sweet beat-tape like a real bedroom producer. Converter: Run around converting tiles on an otherworldly plane.

Season 0 Content Now Available!

Eat Till We Full: Feed this man until he is full - no excuses. Still The Life: Age the skeleton to appease his thirst for death. Snakes!: Kill as many snakes as you can with one big ass gun! An Apple A Day: Eat an oil drum full of apples, the more you eat the better you feel!

Bizzarioware is a living-content game. For us, this means that we will support it for as long as we think the community is interested or until we find another platform the game could better utilize. We want to stress that updates to Bizzarioware will always be free - but access to them will be available early for our supporters (along with a whole host of other really cool benefits). We have a ton of content planned for the game - most of which you can view here!

Que up a mixlist of Bizzarioware microgames to play back to back. You can filter between whether or not games are multiplayer, controller enabled or only work with PC controls. You can also turn on tutorials to practice each microgame for better scores! In later builds you will be able to save and share playlists online, modify settings that effects each game and change how long each game is played for.

Bizzarioware's mixlist and Bizzariorandomizer modes both support two player functionality. Some games are cooperative, come games are competitive and some are completely different in multiplayer mode. Bizzarioware also allows you to use a Bizzariotuner (a custom Mayflash adapter) to enable N64 controller-based multiplayer! A limited number of custom (painted and decal'd) Bizzariotuners can be purchased below!

Bizzarioware can now be played online via integrated Parsec. Jump into Bizzarioware online to play a quick set of games with a friend or random folks ! This is currently just a test mode in BZW0XR, however - there are plans to expand this modes features and usability. Our team wrote a quick post on how to play Bizzarioware Online - so check that out for high-stakes, adrenaline fueled online play!

Each time you que up to play Bizzarioware you will earn B-Weird coins that can be exchanged at the Gachapon for toys, power-ups and if your lucky - secret games! You can play with toys in a special mode, junk them if you don't need them for extra B-Weird coins, use power-ups in multiplayer modes and redeem secret games to gain access to them in Mixlist and Bizzariorandomizer. 

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About The Strangest Interactive:

The Strangest is an independent development studio creating multiplatform experimental interaction in Austin, TX ❤. 

  Any support you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
If you love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be.

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how do i remove this from my owned items?

The Linux version has a large number of bugs.


cool game can't wait to see where it goes

Tried the tutorial level and can't figure out the controls for this game. They seem to be different with every game? There were some times I tried every button on my controller and nothing worked.


great game! cannot wait until full release.


I love you




what a fun game 😁

TY for playing!


I'm so impressed (with a lot of things) but especially the menus in this game. They do so much to sell the experience and make BZW feel like a weird bygone Japanese party game. Great job!


Great game, there's a glitch with the gachapon menu where I can't actually save collect the toys from the gachapon and sometimes i end up going back to the menu when trying to open one up and just unintentionally waste my coins! I'm hoping this will be patched in the future but other than that I dig it!


awesome game! especially soundtrack! you need to thanks a composer of this game! Unfortunately, i can't find some music in the internet/ can you help me? Unreal to find, for example, "Datafruits- far away..."


I want to play this game but the controls got me confused as hell :(


This is like a cross between Wario Ware and Adult Swim's "Off the Air"


(1 edit) (+2)

Please tell me what the track is for the vending machine with the prizes like the elephant and ray gun. In fact I want to see the full soundtrack it is absolutely amazing!!! But reply me the vending machine one first please so I can single it out ASAP.

https://www.thestrangest.io/bizzarioware-track-list - Password is in the newest build of the game! On the confirmation screen.


Please compile a 64-bit Mac build so you can run on the latest macOS. Would appreciate it!

I will add a Trello card for the next patch.


 Took a look and really like the concept of this one! Aesthetics and personality is great, I think a lot of work could be done on the controls though! Huge part of Wario Ware's appeal is the pick up and play, these inputs just had me totally lost.


Hey thanks for playing! Yeah the controls are extremely rough. We are working to try and resolve some of the issues in our next patch. Sorry you had such frustration with it.


HI! humm no way for the bizzariodeluxe to be shipped in Montreal right? :((

Awesome game btw ;D

Hey! Yes, I am assuming you purchased the Bizzariodeluxe? If so please feel free to claim a refund through itch.io. We needed to sell all of the available units to produce the Bizzariodeluxe edition. However, if you send me your email I will email you some unreleased shit :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey m8 is there another place other than itch.io where you can buy the Deluxe edition with the adaptors and all? Also i think this game is great and full of potential. I suggest you tho to delete on the nintendo 64 box the Nintendo seal of quality because it could recieve some problems with copyright n stuff

(1 edit)

Howdy! You are totally right - and the box being displayed is a mockup ( a close to production mockup). We will remove any semblance of nintendo iconography on the final production copies. :)

You can get the Deluxe copy here: https://thestrangest.itch.io/bizzarioware/purchase?reward_id=2173


this is the strangest game i ever played! lots of fun and maybe some quick tips on controls! cant wait to see what you guys do with the game!

Awesome video! I would suggest going into the mixlist mode and toggling on the tutorials :) Thanks for playing and thanks for making a vid!


no problem and i try taking another wake at it!

(1 edit) (+1)

was here so fast, I actually had to wait 12 seconds for the download link :3

oh, and I'll be getting that 2nd package to help support you ^^ 

WOW!! Thank you! We really appreciate the support and should have a new build coming soon that will address some of the usability issues.


it shows extreme potential ^^, perhaps a little more clarity on what controls are for games. I know that's usually the appeal in warioware-esque games, but there should be like - Styles - ( for lack of a better term ) ala Warioware : Smooth MOves for Wii. It had various types, and you would know a microgame had a certain control scheme to use. 

A fan game on Steam also does this, https://store.steampowered.com/app/772260/NitorInc_Touhou_Microgames/

something like that would be sweet ^^b

I couldn't figure out how to defuse with a controller, a couple others I found myself switching to mouse. 

But yeah, it shows a lot of potential - more than happy to support, even if it is a little :)