[SOLD OUT - THANK YOU] Hyperrodeo: Physical copies of Bizzarioware are now available! [Limited Run of 12]

Howdy Everyone,

As announced in this post, we are bringing physical copies of our games to life in 2021. All of our games are free and will remain free, but to support our team and development efforts - we wanted to start producing some physical goods.

Bizzarioware is one of our flagship prototypes, we love it with all our hearts and couldn't be more happy to share these boxed copies with you. 

The boxed physical copies of Bizzarioware will come with the following:

  • Big Box W/ Bizzarioware Graphics.
  • Bizzarioware 1.0a On Disc.
  • Bizzarioware Rolling Papers (Yes, those kinds of rolling papers!).
  • Bizzarioware Stickers.
  • Certified 'Trippy' Document, outlining the history and development of Bizzarioware and Strangest.io's origin. 
  • Your name in the credits of future Strangest.io games.

This run of copies is limited to 12, we are not purposefully trying to limit the number of copies we produce - we just made the number of them that we can afford to. We will not be reprinting Bizzarioware physical copies in the future. All of the upcoming physical editions are a one time thing, for each game, to help us support our team.

These are 45$ (+ Shipping & Tax) and will ship out Late May 2021. These are only available to folks residing in the US, shipping to other countries is expensive. If you are willing to pay the additional fees to ship internationally, these please go ahead and purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing a physical copy of Bizzarioware, please go to: hyper.rodeo or http://hyper.rodeo/

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