Bizzarioware 'Season 0XR' Patch Notes

Bizzarioware Season0XR Patch Notes:

  • Moved to Unity 2017.4.36f1 LTS for future stability and updates.
  • 2 New Microgames:
    • Liquid Drip
    • UW Avoid
  • Options menu roped off until feature complete.
  • Leaderboard roped off until feature complete.
  • New or improved Controller maps for Keyboard/Mouse, Xbox One, Dualshock 2, Dualshock 3, Dualshock 4, Gamecube Controller, 8Bitdo and Mayflash N64 Controller Adapters, Switch Pro Controller, Razer Serval and Atari Jaguar Controller (why not).
  • New Playlist Game Box Art added for each microgame.
  • New Playlist Que Card Art added for each microgame.
  • All Pregame Context Announcements updates with cards and VO.
  • Facetoy widget added.
  • Demo mode widget added (creates custom que of 8 games and launches).
  • Collections menu now includes all games, and allows you to launch single games from its menu.
  • Snakes and Eat Till We Full game updated control schemes (some controller input was not being captured and preventing folks from playing the games).
  • Tutorial instructions for Snakes, Eat Till We Full, An Apple A Day, UW Avoid, Drip Drop and Sell the living updated and working properly.
  • Disclaimer resolution fix:
    • Some folks reported not being able to get past the disclaimer while on non-supported resolutions. This has been fixed - if the button isnt invoked within 60 seconds - it will self invoke. Resolution scaling for this scene has been fixed as well.
  • You can now use the LB/RB buttons on controllers to navigate the mixlist menu faster. You can also add the left and right game entities to que.
  • Bugs with gachpon fixed, control graphic added so folks now how to spin the gachapon and collect toys.
  • New voiceover work added to the game as well as a new microgame stab created by Slow Magic.
  • You can now play Bizzarioware online via Parsec.


GA 293 MB
Mar 17, 2020
GA 293 MB
Mar 17, 2020
GA 292 MB
Mar 17, 2020

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