Shining Gadget [1.03a] + Ghostnet [0.2] Patch/Update

Hello everyone!

We at would like to thank each and every one of you for a wonderful launch! The Gadget games were an absolute blast to work on, and we’re thrilled to see y’all reporting your best catches and comparing your collections with each other. Keep it up, hunters!

Getting the Gadgets ready for release was certainly a lot of work, but it was more than worth it. That being said, the work continues. A small number of players have reported bugs with the Ghostnet companion application, bugs that need to be addressed before we can get the trading and event systems working as planned. Shadow / Shining Gadget is the first Playdate application able to directly interface with the internet. As such, we took a number of risks during development under the assumption that there might be a few kinks to work out upon release, kinks we wouldn’t be able to find during our internal testing phase. With this in mind, we will be temporarily restricting the online functionality of Shadow / Shining Gadget.

We know what needs fixing and we know how to fix it, so don’t expect this to last too long. We have reached out to Panic regarding some of these bugs and are working internally to eliminate them. The online component of this software is not only fun and unique, it’s also a valuable resource for other Playdate developers who are looking to create online software for this device. For the sake of our players and colleagues we must get this right. Please note that single player functionality will not be affected by the downtime, so it’s not a bad idea to build up your collection yourself before hopping into Ghostnet when it’s back up.

Online connectivity was something we wanted to do from the start, and much of the game’s development time was dedicated to getting these systems up and running. We’d like to thank everyone who reported any bugs, major and minor, over the past week. We’re working tirelessly to address these issues and will be sure to update our community when we’ve got everything fixed. Until then, check out the patch notes below to see what we’ve been up to:

Patch Notes:

  • Moved builds over to 1.12.3 version of Playdate SDK.
  • Changed Ghostnet to a clickthrough window as opposed to a full screen takeover.
  • Fixed an issue where the Playdate microphone doesn't turn back on after locking and unlocking the screen.
  • Incremental star rating now displayed to user when they catch a ghost multiple times.
  • Added game settings for voice over, music, sfx and reticle speed on the main menu.
  • Addressed key repeater issue in the collections menu.
  • Catch timestamp added to ghost data.
  • Event screen typo fixed.
  • Added the logo on the loading screen.
  • Added a first time launch disclaimer to Ghostnet.
  • Added a server availability tether in 0.2 version of Ghostnet.
  • Invalidated Ghostnet 0.1 until it operates as intended. You will be prompted to update to 0.2, which will prevent a connection to our services for the time being.


Shining Gadget (Playdate Application) 11 MB
Oct 09, 2022
Ghostnet For Playdate (Windows Application) 27 MB
Oct 09, 2022

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