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My Megamix is the product of - The Strangest.io Supersensory Megamix: a week-long challenge to creators of all kinds to make the gnarliest, flashiest, ballsiest game possible. Many participated, few survived, fewer still made the cut. Out of this long, brutal week, was forged the bundle of a lifetime. Seven awesome games. One free price. Enter the mix.

Don’t worry about it, that’s why. 

We did it to link up with and support our fellow game developers. We also did it to place top seven in a game jam. 

The humble beginnings of the Strangest.io Supersensory Megamix (SSMM’21) can be traced all the way back here. After gathering some intel and shelving three or four other projects, we hit up some judges and laid out a timeline for how the jam would go down. After the judges were wrangled and the prize money was legally/ethically acquired, we were good to go. Creators had one week to create something gutsy, something special, something that would be a red-flag for any potential girlfriend.

Enticing designers to go balls to the wall was the goal, and we weren’t disappointed with the results. Every submission in this bundle wowed us, made us laugh, or made us think- even those noble works that didn’t quite make the final cut. We can say with full certainty that everyone who submitted to SSMM’21 is capable of greatness, and we look forward to coming up alongside them in this cruel, beautiful struggle of ours.

  • Hallucination
    • Mr.RedCoffe, pulling from recent experience with AirBnB, presents Hallucination. Like a nightmare, this thing chases you through the house. Like a nightmare, you may not get physically hurt but you may not leave with your sanity intact. Listen closely, run, hide, and then get out if you can. 5 stars, would stay again.
    • Awards:
      • SSMM'21 Honorable Mention Award
    • Credits:

  • Windows Defender
    • Infotainment at it's finest. A fun look at the back-end operations of popular Windows malware and virus protection softwares. I think many will be surprised how Windows Defenders deal with infections - with a gun.
    • Awards:
      • SSMM'21 Honorable Mention Award
    • Credits:

  • Money Cal
    • Utkucbn knows that in the age of crypto and NFTs that many of us are confused and frightened. Enter MoneyCal. This powerful tool will help any beginner dip their toes in the current digital financial frontier.
    • Awards:
      • SSMM'21 Honorable Mention Award
    • Credits:

Nuke HeckKero Kero PanicArsonPurgatoryHallucinationMoney CalculatorWindows Defender


Take a few moments to consider some of the wonderful folks who helped us pull this badass project off:

  • Parsec:
    • Parsec is a proprietary desktop capturing application primarily used for playing games through video streaming. Using Parsec, you can stream video game footage through an Internet connection, allowing one to run a game on one computer but play it remotely through another device. Its the future of playing games online with friends and foes!
    • Parsec supplied funding for this project.
    • Extra-extra-extra special thanks to Benjy + Max!
  • Judges:
    • Slow Magic:
      • With over 100 Million streams to his name, the iconically masked Slow Magic has built a career around otherworldly and unique sounds paired with a live show that mixes electronic music with drumming. 🎹🥁
    • Gabrielle Genevieve:
      • Game developer and artist based in Austin, Texas! 💖
    • Ghetto Commentary:
      • From his own channel - "I be making some lil gaming videos or whateva...subscribe if you bout it. I started this journey on May 29, 2017...Let's see where this takes me." An extremely entertaining and funny Youtuber! 🕹️
  • Strangest.io:
    • The realest of the real: FoTain, MMMMMM, Tortured Gamer, Mucoid, Deadhanded, Ggutu, Nels, Unreal, S0uld0ut.
    • Strangest.io supplied funding for this project.
  • The extremely talented folks who participated in SSMM'21, check out the full list of jam games here.

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