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Snoik! is a snake-like arcade game where ingenuity and creativity are the keys to victory. Shift the snake's position at the press of a button and blaze new trails for the highest score possible! This project was developed by Ash K in association with Strangest.io.

In this dynamic twist on an old favorite, players take control of a ever-growing snake that continuously slithers forward. Much like Snake, the game is over when you collide with yourself. Unlike the classic game, Snoik! grants players the ability to weave through parts of the snake for points and clutch saves.

Snoik! is a game of wit and ingenuity. The player-controlled snake will move forward perpetually, and can be steered wherever the player sees fit. At the press of a button, the snake will shift between two layers, allowing it to cross over parts of its body for points. When the snake collides with parts of its body on the wrong layer, the game is over! 

Snoik! features two different control schemes, crank or d-pad steering, for increased accessibility. At the end of your run, the camera will zoom out to a birds eye view of your snake's route. Create neat works of art or shoot for the highest score possible, the choice is yours! 

Strangest.io’s prime directive is to empower outsider artists to tell interactive, subversive, and powerful stories. We partner with independent artists on all of our projects. We believe that the best stories and ideas come from the fringes of our society. We are not here to make things that have been done before. We are here to break the mold, leave a mark, and feel good about the work we do.

Interactive Services, LLC.
Release date Dec 09, 2022
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorsStrangest.io, Ash K
Made withPlaydate
TagsArcade, Cute, Difficult, Drawing, High Score, Playdate, Retro, Score Attack, Simple, weird
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Accelerometer, Joy-Con
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast
LinksCommunity, Twitter, Instagram, Website, Support Us, Patreon


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Why the price is $11 in the Catalog?

which version is the right one?

Seems like a lot of fun, but hard to master.

The game could get more enjoyable if we could have some sort of extra life at some point, like, touching the tail wouldn’t be fatal. Maybe eating bonus or something????


Such a cool concept that I still struggle to grasp my head around it. This game features a lot of technically and visually impressive ideas. The core gameplay loop is very fun, but there's something related to the state switch of the Snoik itself that just messes up my head. I can't explain it, but it feels like the colors are wrong sometimes. Half the time, I can't tell if the colors need to match or not match and it's very easy to get confused like that. 

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Same, I do this mistake a lot and it cause a lot of death. Maybe user acceptance testing could help with that.


I absolutely love this game!
If I could have one request, I would love to be able to choose the direction the crank turns in the preferences.