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NECROCRISIS is an on-rails fight for your life through a graveyard full of unimaginable horrors. Crank up your state-of-the-art gatling gun and blast through undead hordes to save the world from zombification.

Not long ago, in a town not so far from yours, the dead rose to devour the flesh of the living. Compelled by an ancient curse, the vile undead have loosed a tide of terror that threatens to drown the world in blood. In a time of unthinkable wickedness, an ex-mil family man by the name of Gordon Atling will take up arms and brave certain death to save his country. But he won’t be doing it alone; armed with his trust M268 twenty-barrel rotary machine gun and more ammo than you can shake a severed arm at, he’s ready to give the devil his due.

A frantic battle for supremacy between the living and the dead! Crank the crank to rev up your colossal minigun and destroy the undead menace! Keep your health and ammunition bars in mind at all times, and manage what few resources you have in your final stand against the horde! Harness the power of humanity in our darkest hour, and crank for your life to save your home from certain death!

NECROCRISIS features hand drawn art to set the scene for an apocalypse unlike any other. Feel the heat of your M268 as it spits 2,500 rounds per minute as you wade through the warm pools of zombie gore you create in your wake. The signature Strangest.io style will have you looking over your shoulder for shambling undead long after you've powered down your Playdate.

Strangest.io’s prime directive is to empower outsider artists to tell interactive, subversive and powerful stories. We partner with independent artists on all of our projects. We believe that the best stories and ideas come from the fringes of our society. We are not here to make things that have been done before. We are here to break the mold, leave a mark, and feel good about the work we do.

Any support you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Who we partnered with on this Project: Luce

What they did: Audio + SFX

Why they are so cool: Because they make super sick beats at the drop of a dime, excellent audio work everytime!

Here are Luce's links, please check them out:

Interactive Services, LLC.
Release date Jul 08, 2022
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
Made withPlaydate, Cinema 4D, LÖVE, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
Tags1-bit, Arcade, Dark, Horror, Indie, lightgun, On-Rails Shooter, Playdate, Zombies
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Configurable controls, High-contrast, Interactive tutorial, Textless
LinksCommunity, Instagram, Twitter, Website, Patreon, Support Us


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Really fun! Especially when combined with the quippy dialogue. It's more of an arcade game than anything and it has that staple Strangest.io vibe for sure. Speaking of staples, I'd call it a Playdate staple too. My only gripe with the game is that moving the cursor around sometimes feels way too slow, but I understand that it would be very difficult to make it otherwise. 


Are there any differences with the Catalog version?


I see...

I just started playing after picking this up in the community bundle! If there’s still future updates in store, I’d love if there was an option to play by holding down the A/B buttons instead of the crank, and also an option to reload mid-clip. However, even as it currently stands it’s a fun game! =] 


Please add a high score counter. 

Hi, love the game but I end up losing sight of the crosshair all the time. Any chances you could make it stand out more somehow? Thanks.

we can try! 

Thanks! ;)

It won't go past the "strangest.io" screen no matter what I do.

Dang, well you are supposed to be able to shoot it. Can you send a video?

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey again!

So I can see in your video that the crosshairs isnt over the logo. 

In the first release of the game the crosshairs can be kind of hard to see so make sure you update to the latest version! :)

Then you need to move the crosshairs over the logo with the d-pad and then use the crank to fire until it blows up.

Hope this helps!


it did. also turning motion sensing off.

awesome! Do you got it fixed?


I really like this as I'm a massive light gun fan! Art and sound are top notch and it's really fun. Few bits of feedback:

• Can you add a restart option please? :) 
• Losing track of your crosshair is very easy, especially on the lower portion of the screen. Can you add a few different Options make it easier to see?
• D-pad tracking feels a lot slower than gyro, but gyro is very tricky – any chance of speeding up the d-pad controls a little?
• I'm unsure which zombie is about to shoot – any chance of an overhear arrow/timer like Virtua Cop to aid prioritisation?

Otherwise excellent and trying to get a decent score for the contest!

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You can speed up the d-pad via the sensitivity option, if you hit the menu button. :) 


This game is so rad! My only gripe is having to reload only when your magazine is empty but I can understand if it's a core gameplay mechanic for difficulty. 

My highest score is 5977 but I'll keep trying to up that value!
Deleted 1 year ago



Here is my First Look video. What a game.

Thanks for playing! You may want to give the new version a shot!



Howdy yall!

If you are coming to this page for the first time - a new version of Necrocrisis has been cut: Necrocrisis V1.03 (Necrocrisis_103.pdx.zip)

See here for additional details on what was fixed/added: https://thestrangest.itch.io/necrocrisis/devlog/402760/necrocrisis-giveaway-cont...

In addition - we are doing a giveaway - check out this post for additional details: https://thestrangest.itch.io/necrocrisis/devlog/402760/necrocrisis-giveaway-cont...



After a few plays, the game crashed once after i died and the cursor wouldn't move at all after one game.

Hey - next time it happens do you mind posting a screenshot of the error or DMing us a screenshot on discord! We want to fix any issues but we need something tangible to go off of! :)

Also thanks for your support!

Hey - FYI this has been resolved in the recent update! :)

Awesome game!


thank you!


How does one reload? Thanks.


hey - crank in reverse!


Can you add the ability to reload even when your gun isnt fully empty?


I second this request.  Was just about to post it!  Gotta be prepared for Zombies!


Hey - thank you for the feedback!


Hey! We can do that, however our design was to make sure people werent just cranking back and forth and never had to reload. If this gets requested enough, we may add it as an option.

Thanks for the feedback!


I third this request. I get the thought process behind what you are saying, but I find myself cranking non-stop anyways because I will forcibly empty my clip just so I can reload and have a full clip ready for the next wave. I guess it is a force of habit growing up playing House of the Dead. I found that if I did not force empty my gun to reload before the next wave showed up, that I would be reloading mid-shootout and getting hit more often. This may be what you intended, but I found that I got better scores when I emptied my gun and had a full clip ready. Great game, really enjoying it. Keep it up.


Hey! We will add it as an option to the next update!


can't wait to play this when i get my playdate aaaaaa sooo exitingg. You guys are amazingg !

Thank you! Cant wait for you to play it either!


This is neat! But, I had this crash occur after I died and pressed A to continue. 


Hey we will take a look at this and see if we can get it fixed! Thank you for letting us know!

I got the same error after playing a game and trying to start a new one. Is it part of the firmware issue?

What firmware are you on?


Hey Synplex, did you try the new update?