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myFloppy Online- the virtual pet revolution that invites gamers to step into the wacky digital world of Floppy- the world’s most beloved floppy disk!

We’ve done it. By God, we’ve done it. They called us crazy when we liquidated our studio in order to fund our Japanese junkyard scouring expeditions, but who’s laughing now? We are, because after years of fruitless searching we’ve finally found it- the lost hard drive of lauded game designer Akiyuki Kishiyama. This treasure, long thought to be a myth, was said to contain the ultimate virtual pet experience. We’re happy to report that we’ve confirmed the truth of these rumors, and that Kishiyama’s vision was just that- the next great leap in virtual pet technology. Ladies and gentlemen, this is myFloppy Online!

As gamers, we all long for companionship. Some rescue wayward cats and dogs from shelters, opening their arms to new furry friends to give them the love and comfort they deserve. Others have children to perpetuate the human race in the hopes of a brighter tomorrow. But some of us want something more, and that something more is myFloppy Online - the newest revolutionary project from strangest.io.

Be warned- the overwhelming majority of our playtesters told us that rearing an ACTUAL CHILD was easier on their psyche. Unlike some kind of real baby, Floppy isn’t a slacker content to merely eat, sleep, and piss his days away. He’s got that indescribable glint in his eye, and the clenched fist of a mascot one bad day away from doing something totally indefensible.

It’s on you, the player, to hone the little guy’s energy and sculpt him into something worth his coding! WEALTH, POWER, and VICTORY are just as important to Floppies as good food and playtime- and all can be found in abundance for those with the WILL to seek them.

The retro future of virtual pet ownership is here, and it's a trip.

  • 👖 Squeeze into your parenting pants as you feed Floppy, play with him, and take him out to do his business! 
  • 💧 Drip Floppy out to your heart’s content via the customization page!
  • 💸 Guide Floppy from the slums to the stars as you gain levels and amass wealth!
  • 🔥 Battle other Floppies online or team up to take on world-shattering threats!
  • 🌎 Make friends with Floppies from all over the world!
  • 💰 Rob the shit out of other Floppies!
  • 👑 Become a Floppy legend on our online leaderboards!
  • 🖌️ Create furniture and decor that perfectly suits your distinguished tastes using our in-game item creator!
  • 💎 Lazy? Lack artistic talent? Purchase community-created items from the shop, or browse our fine selection of collectibles!
  • 🤝 myFloppy Online was designed to synergize with other strangest.io titles! Claim exclusive in-game rewards just by downloading our other projects!
  • 🦖 Cutting edge netscape-esque UI.
  • 🤑 It's free!

Be warned- parenting has its ups and downs. Don't say we didn't warn you...

If having one Floppy in your life somehow isn’t enough, check out myFloppy Online’s insane variety of multiplayer functions! Do battle with REAL Floppies in the ring of honor for gold and notoriety! Feeling cooperative? Take on terrifying BOSSES with a zerg of other Floppies! Just wanna chill? Previously unimaginable levels of player-home customization ensures that no two Floppy pads will look the same! Flex on impoverished Floppies by barging into their homes and ridiculing them using the Comments feature!


  • 🥊 PVP
  • 👹 Boss Battles
  • 💬 User Chatrooms
  • 🏠 Player Home Visitation
  • 📢 Comment System
  • 💏 Friends List
  • 💯 Leaderboards
  • 📈 Custom Item Marketplace

Don’t like Floppy’s cardboard enclosure? Complete missions for cash and experience. Fight other Floppies, visit a less deserving Floppy’s place and steal their cash, or start a cult and convince them to just hand it over! Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and make that beachfront property yours. 

Next, take that hard earned cash over to Shop Bing Bing to purchase a nice sofa, cactus, or waifu pillow. Fill that literal and/or metaphorical void. Pressing the “Add to cart” button will make you feel alive, if only for a moment.

  • 🏛️ Acquire new and better houses as you level!
  • 🚪 Trick out your room!
  • 💍 Buy useless trash and priceless relics in the Shop!
  • ☯️ Resize and replace items for maximum feng shui!

The world is what you make it! If you feel as though you aren’t truly a cog in the capitalist dystopia until you own your own business, then you are in luck. 

Design your own home decor, trophies, or abstract art pieces and offer them up for sale in the Shop Bing Bing store. It’s a great time to enter the market, although your competition did when they were six. You owe it to the 1%.

  • 🔮 Create your own items!
  • 📦 Buy user-created items!
  • 💲 Make mad money using your artistic talent and ingenuity!


  • A free copy of myFloppy Online. No strings attached.


  • Just like the Digital Free copy of myFloppy Online, but it costs a dollar! Hey, thanks!
  • We'll include your name in the credits of our future projects!


  • A digital copy of myFloppy Online - Digital Deluxe Edition.
  • One set of five extremely rare-cool-sick, shiny digital trading cards.
  • Your name in the credits of our future projects! 


  • A digital copy of myFloppy Online - Digital Deluxe Edition.
  • An extremely rare ACTUAL Floppy plushy, shipped directly to you! Take Floppy everywhere you go!!
  • Your name in the credits of our future projects, of course.

🖱️ No controller support- not now, not ever. ⌨️

  • 👶 Use your mouse to click and drag Floppy to various rooms in his house. Depending on the location, an action button will appear onscreen that prompts Floppy to fulfill one of his needs. Click the action button and Floppy will eat, play, or take a whiz.
  • 💾 Customize your Floppy in the Designer window! You can change the color on his body, boots, and gloves using the color picker. If you buy any background textures for Floppy’s icon, they can be accessed via the Background Color menu by selecting the tiny T button in the top corner of the window.
  • 👆 You can interact with every window in myFloppy Online using your mouse. Buying items for his house is as easy as opening up the Shop and clicking Buy Now
  • 🎨 Item creation requires a canvas. Canvases are bought on the in-game store. After you have a canvas, you can create an item in the Creator window. Use your mouse to draw your product, then list it by entering a name, description, and price. You will receive any item you create, and it will be listed on the marketplace.
  • ⚔️ Battle mode can be found in the Social window. Fight other Floppies or participate in boss battles by clicking the BATTLE button underneath their icons. Keep an eye on your stamina!
  • ⭐ Visit other Floppies' rooms by clicking on their icon. When you're at their house, click the star next to their name to add them as a friend!
  • 🖥️ Various options and settings can be found on the virtual desktop! Be sure to click around and explore all of the different icons!

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The Strangest Interactive
Release date Apr 30, 2021
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Made withCinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Unity
TagsCasual, Character Customization, Funny, Idle, Multiplayer, stylish, Virtual Pet
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast, Interactive tutorial
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer
LinksCommunity, Homepage, Patreon, Twitch, Instagram, Linktree


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myFloppy Digital Trading Cards.zip 92 MB
myFloppy [Itchio-GA Free] x86 Windows_0.31z.zip 359 MB
myFloppy [Itchio-GA Free] x86_64 Windows_0.31z.zip 362 MB
myFloppy [Itchio-GA Paid] x86 Windows_0.31z.zip 359 MB
myFloppy [Itchio-GA Paid] x86_64 Windows_0.31z.zip 362 MB

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👎👎 lots of n@zi shit created by users and no apparent moderation

this looks really promising and I love the overall concept of it. was getting real clippy vibes after seeing the screenshot but when I go to open the game it just opens in a little windowed box and I have no idea if there even is a way to make the game full screen and because I am playing on a tv it makes it virtually impossible to make out anything within the game. any help would be fantastic. thanks in advance


game crashes :(

Hey Catapilla - do you have any logs or anything to spare? Or a description of when the game crashes? Anything to help us help get the issue resolved. :)

I think I downloaded the wrong version actually. I downloaded a new version and just let it do it's thing. It took a few minutes but It eventually booted up a windows 98 machine or something ;) 10-22 disregard. All is well in the universe.


Are the "trading cards" actual NFTs? Would otherwise be interested in buying deluxe, But I don't support that kind of thing.



No they aren't actual NFT's, they are just digital trading cards! :)



Ok, great. Just wanted to make sure.

When i try to open it, it crashes.

Keeps crashing anytime I load it


No controller, huh? So I won't be able to play with my Microsoft 1999 Flight Stick?

(3 edits) (+5)

Updated review time! Bold is new words. Strikeouts do not apply any more.

Alright, in-depth review time! I will be talking about this as a virtual pet game/shop simulator and not the drug induced coma it actually is, because it's online and I assume they want people to stick around at least for a little bit longer. 

Atmosphere - Fantastic, amazing, stop reading, music reason enough, go away.

Care - The floppy care is one button and that's what all virtual pet games are so that's pretty cool. 

Social interaction - Battle, which is just have more experience than opponent. Friends which does something maybe. Chat which I think is fake. Boss which has  7 digit health and you can only deal damage in single double digits. I fear no one will beat John and his harem of animes. John is dead. Long live Baron Bankroll.

Creation - This is the real 'gameplay.' Buy canvas, draw something real wacky, someone buys it and puts it in their room. I think this was is the main way you were are suppose to get money and encourage creativity., but now has no real incentive to, because of below. Also the store just deletes items from itself which is fitting given the Chinese theme. Forgot to mention that some of the items have either this thin border line or straight up have some of the creation window as part of the item.

Economy - It's screwed, 2 days in and they already got 9 digit bank accounts. Don't know how (possibly the boss), but do know that being able to rob someone and get more than 99 gold for a stamina regen is extremely exploitable. Having a leaderboard for richest floppies ensures that from just one robbery you get 9 digits from them yourself. This was coming from the point where one of the 'difficult' quests gave 250 gold and a couch cost 700 gold by the way. Hey, look at em go, they nuked it. Everyone returned to 500 gold plus some from what they sold on market. They also changed how much you can steal from someone and lowered the price on stamina refill. You still can do the exploit, but you don't get nearly as much out of it. Quests also lowered gold reward a little. RIP 9 digit bank account, but it was for the better.

Also it stopped asking for log-in information and at this point I'm too scared to ask why.  Found out that clearing cache is what logs you out.

However, after all that it's still a great experience and it's free so why not give it a try. Same goes for all of Strangest.io's games, they're all great times.

After all, there is a reason they put it under the experiment category instead of games.


This project looks promising. It's the only virtual pet I'll need. Now if only I can find a way out of this fever dream...


The fever dream encapsulates and captures you - you cannot leave ;)