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"Updated minimum price to $4.99."

For a gamejam demo..........


We were A-B testing - everything is free again!


You can try to delete comments all you want. That just confirms to me that you saw it. You know what you did, others noticed what you did and you got caught. If you want to sell games thats fine but there are ways to go about it without trying to be a scumbag like charging for demos or previously free games.


bruh they literally said they were testing something  out and then made it free again, dont be rude


They only made it free again after getting called out.


You are the biggest stinky in the entire supermarket you're probably the mother of Manager Josh


You're a bigger baby than the baby in the game.

How To Download

Hi! I can't open this on my Mac and I have macOS Monterey. Is it not made for this version or is my computer dumb


Gave this a go! It was eventful lol

hell yeah


Late to the party, came here after NIGHTMARE!

No Commentary 


The game is absolutely crazy! But a lot of fun. I just missed something that made it more frantic while picking up the products. Maybe items. I do not know. Great game!


Ty for playing!


This game's crazy, man. So much chaos, so little time. I fucked that store up as much as i could haha. Thanks for the fun! Nice job!


TY for playing!


I ran into Shlutz family market for some roach motels, avocados, and 9 volt batteries. Their low prices were no joke! At least the sad cashier wasn't laughing. I didn't realize that the asshole that my slut ex-wife is dating is the manager there. Saved a few bucks but barely escaped with my life. I'd shop there again.