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Just tried! Simply wonderful!!! When will be available full game? Any news for an official release date?

i cant download it i claimed it but i cant download it can someone help me out here?

I always liked JRPGs like Legend of Dragoon that, made the player complete minigames to do better on rolls!  I think pokemon should have did the Mario RPG thing at least by now and give the player an intentional timing advantage or something...

Other than the help text speed bug mentioned in another comment, I really like everything about this at the moment. Looking forward to the game!

Can you slow down the help screen text? Also, it's not clear how to block. Thanks.

You crank the icon back and forth to move the shield to block the swords falling from the top. You can hit up and down to change the sensitivity/speed of the crank.

But like you said the help text is switching around way too fast to read a lot of it so that may be why it wasn't clear.

I did move the shield under the swords, but I still take damage.

It's a really narrow window under the sword that you have to position the shield at. That combined with the somewhat spongy and slow movement of the shield is probably my main complaint with the defense stage.